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We are always grateful to people who want to raise funds for our Society.

If you’re interested in supporting us through a fundraising event or initiative, please get in touch to let us know – we could even help with marketing for your event!

You may still be deciding what shape your event will take. If that’s the case we’ve provided some ideas below to help you get inspired!

Office Raffle

Holding an office raffle can brighten up everyone’s day! Why don’t you give your colleagues the opportunity to take part and even win prizes?

Bake Sale

Why not organise a baking cake for your colleagues – a perfect opportunity to show off your baking skills, eat cake, and raise money for a great cause.

Organise a Charity Walk or Run

Get fit while you organise a walk or a run to support our Society, or join one of the many national events happening up and down the country.

Dress Down at Work

You and your colleagues can wear what you want (within reason!) for one day, in return for a small donation to the Society.

Time to Give Up

Whether it’s chocolate, crisps or alcohol, abstain from it for a significant period of time, and get your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you.

Plan a Sweepstake

For 50p or £1, people can guess the number of sweets in a jar, or if you’re keen on a nautical theme, the number of parts in a model ship. Either way, offer the item in question as a prize for the closest answer!

Mine to Mine Challenge

We are keen to find volunteers who will take part in the Mine to Mine Challenge. As a self-organised and self-funded challenge, this is an exciting opportunity for adventurers to visit all our 60 collecting mines situated around the British Isles. Please click here to take a look at what the Mine to Mine Challenge involves.

Cards & Gifts

Buying Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society greeting cards can be a great way of supporting us. We have a full range of charity cards and gifts!

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If it wasn’t for our supporters, we could not provide seafarers and their families with the essential help they need.

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