New Location for Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society Collecting Mine in Montrose

Posted: 25 March 2024 Posted In: Uncategorised

The Society’s Honorary Agent for Montrose, Pete Johnson, has spent recent months collaborating with Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre Chairman, Stuart Archibald, and his team, who have undertaken a superb restoration of the Charity’s Collecting Mine. The Mine is looking resplendent in its new location, and we are delighted to have it sited at the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, where we’re sure it will continue to collect donations towards the Society’s work, supporting seafarers and their families in distress, for many years to come. Thank you, Pete, Stuart and the Air Station Heritage Centre team, for all you’ve done to bring this together!

Honorary Agent for Montrose, Pete Johnson (left) and Chairman of the Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, Stuart Archibald (right) with the Montrose mine.

Locations around the UK coastline are home to the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society’s iconic red Collecting Mines. Originally more than 200 were donated by the Admiralty in recognition of the Society’s unique contribution supporting seafarers, their families, as well as others, shipwrecked during both World Wars. Unfortunately, the ravages of time and the weather have reduced their number, but there are still around 50 in operation, maintained by our network of local volunteers, that continue to collect much needed donations to support the Society’s work.

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