Silver Medal 1884/85

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Silver Medal awarded to the Master of the Smack General Wolseley of Grimsby for the rescue of 2 survivors of the crew of the Dutch herring lugger Maatze in the North Sea in very heavy seas on 30th October 1884.  Awards were also made to the Mate, Thomas H Smith and to 3 hands Williams Wells, Hurley Wardle and Arthur Naylor.

Grimsby – In the case of the smack General Wolseley, for rescue of the two survivors, out of fifteen hands, all told, of the crew of the Dutch herring lugger Maatze, in the North Sea, 125 miles NE by W from Grimsby, on October 30 1884, under exceptional circumstances, in a very heavy sea, the Dutch vessel having for a time been completely overturned, imprisoning crew in cabin, with great loss of life.

To the Master, Henry Baxter – the Society’s Marine Aneroid Presentation Barometer; to the Mate, Thomas Henry Smith – the Society’s Silver Life Saving Medal, with pecuniary reward of the sum of two pounds, as in charge of the boat of the smack, and having boarded the wreck to save life of maniac survivor, subsequently drowned. To the three hands manning the boat under the Mate, viz., William Wells, Hurley Wardle, and Arthur Naylor the pecuniary reward of two pounds each man.

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