Silver Medal 1882

Posted: 01 January 2017 Posted In: Skill and Gallantry Awards

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London – In case of the SS Antenor, for rescue, from on shore at Ras Asir, on July 27-28th 1882, of the Master, Second Officer, Third Officer (with broken leg since time of wreck), Quartermaster, and apassenger, with twelve others of the crew, being all the survivors out of forty-nine persons on board the SS Fleurs Castle, lost three miles south of Ras Asir, Cape Guardafui, on July 9 1882. To the Captain of the SS Antenor, Lieutenant John Threlfall Bragg, RNR (already in possession of the Society’s Framed Testimonial) – one of the Society’s Marine Aneroid Presentation Barometers. To the Chief Officer, Randolph S Campbell, in charge of the ship’s lifeboat effecting the rescue, under special circumstances, through surf etc, the Society Silver Medal and to the five seamen manning the boat in question (Charles Lilley, John Robinson, Patrick Hare, Alfred Titheridge and Joseph Williams) a special pecuniary award of £10 10s, in general recognition of their services on the occasion.