Silver Medal 1857

Posted: 23 May 2017 Posted In: Our History

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Silver Medal awarded to Capt GB Lee of the David Malcolm for saving the crew of the ship Aphrogenia on 23 May 1857

The circumstances attending the loss of the ship Aphrogenia on 23rd May having been brought before the Committee by the Secretary whereby it appeared that Captain GB Lee of the David Malcolm then lying in the roads had gallantly gone in his boat to her assistance though the surf was breaking outside his ship and by his strenuous exertions was instrumental in saving the lives of the crew, two native boats having been swamped in the attempt to render aid.

It was resolved unanimously on the motion of Captain Lean, seconded by Captain Rawstorne, that the Silver Medal of the Society be awarded to Captain Lee for his gallant and seamanlike exertions on this occasion.

Posted In: Our History