Emile Robin 1958/59

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Emile Robin award made to Skipper AG Gook and Mate EA Gook of the mt Trinidad for the rescue of 25 of the crew of the Danish ss Th Adler Svanholm 70 miles east of the Humber in heavy seas on 16th October 1958.

The Th Adler Svanholm was on passage from Oulu to Immingham when she sprang leaks in Nos 1 & 2 holds and sent a distress call at 1750 on 16th October 1958 from a position about 70 miles East from North of the Humber. The Trinidad proceeded to her assistance, arriving at 1900, and was requested to stand by until a salvage tug arrived. By 2300 conditions on board the Danish vessel had deteriorated so much that it was decided to take off the crew. In heavy seas and a WNW gale, Skipper Gook handled his ship superbly during this night rescue which took over two hours. A line having been passed, the Danish vessel launched her boat and 11 men were hauled across to the Trinidad. The boat was floated back and a further 14 men taken off. Every credit must be given to Skipper Gook for his seamanship, which ensured the success of the operation. The Master of the Danish vessel was lost with his ship the next day.

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