Emile Robin 1927/28

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The EMILE ROBIN award was presented to Captain W Hall and Chief officer G Atkinson of the SS Teessider of Stockton for the rescue of the crew of the schooner Gauntlet of Lancaster on 20th November 1927.

The Gauntlet was caught in very bad weather off Flamborough Head on November 19th. There was a very rough sea running with a strong southeasterly wind blowing at gale force. Two of her masts were carried away, and as the schooner was leaking badly, distress signals were made in the early morning of November 20th, and these were answered by the Teessider, which stood by from 3 am until daylight. owing to the state of the sea and the strong wind blowing, it was found impossible to man a lifeboat from the Teessider. This vessel, however, was twice manoeuvred close to the Gauntlet, when lines with lifebuoys attached were got on board, but the crew, owing to their long exposure, were unable to secure these lines. After about two hours’ manoeuvring, the Teessider was brought into a favourable position to the weather side of the schooner, when a jolly boat attached to a line was drifted down to the Gauntlet. The Master and the three members of the crew were then able to get into this boat, which was hauled back to the Teessider, and the rescued men got safely on board.

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