Barometer 1923/24

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A Marine Aneroid Barometer was presented to James More, Skipper of the steam drifter Mayberry of Wick, for rescuing 9 crew of the Cordelia of Banff on 1st November 1923.

The attention of the Committee was called by Mr Alexander Wood, Hon. Agent at Wick, to the decidedly skilful and courageous rescue of the crew (9) of the steam-drifter Cordelia, of Banff, by the sd Mayberry, of Wick near the Cross Sands Lightship, off the Norfolk Coast, on November 1.  The skipper of the latter vessel, James More, notwithstanding the heavy sea running, which made his approaching the sinking Cordelia a matter of difficulty and danger, managed to get close enough to enable the men to jump on board the Mayberry, and his conduct was rewarded by the gift of a purse of £5 and an aneroid barometer, with inscription testifying to the good seamanship and bravery which he displayed.  The rewards were handed to James More on December 29, by Provost McEwan, at a special meeting of the Wick Town Council in their hall, when speeches were made congratulating the gallant skipper and his crew.

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