Barometer 1884/85

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The Society Marine Aneroid Barometer was awarded to the Master of fishing vessel Victory of Ramsgate for the rescue of 5 crew from the sinking Norwegian brigantine Magda, on 26 October 1884 during a heavy sea.  Mate Henry P Britton and third hand John Blackman who manned the boat the sum of £2 each.

In the case of the fv Victory, for rescue of five of the crew of the Norwegian brigantine Magda, about 55 miles W by N of Lowestoft, on October 26 1884, during a heavy sea, the Norwegian vessel being in danger of foundering, with pumps choked, and since supposed to have gone down with Captain and Mate.  To the Master, John Turner – the Society’s Marine Aneroid Presentation Barometer; to the Mate, Henry Parker Britton, in boat – the pecuniary reward of the sum of three pounds; to the third hand John Blackman, also in boat, the pecuniary reward of the sum of two pounds.

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