Remembering British merchant and fishing ships sunk in January, 1917

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Date Name of Ship Merchant/Fishing Tonnage
1st January Baycraig Merchant 3,761
1st January Ivernia Merchant 14,278
1st January Holly Branch Merchant 3,568
2nd January Carlyle Merchant 466
4th January Wragby Merchant 3,641
4th January Lonclara Merchant 1,294
5th January Allie Merchant 1,127
5th January Lesbiau Merchant 2,555
6th January Hudworth Merchant 3,966
6th January Beaufront Merchant 1,720
7th January Brenda Merchant (SV) 249
7th January Mohacsfield Merchant 3,678
7th January Radnorshire Merchant 4,310
8th January Andoni Merchant 3,188
8th January Lynfield Merchant 3,023
9th January Bayuesk Merchant 3,286
9th January Excellent Merchant 1,944
9th January Gladys Royle Merchant 3,268
10th January Brookwood Merchant 3,093
10th January Netherby Hall Merchant 4,461
10th January Lundy Island Merchant 3,095
12th January Brentwood Merchant 1,192
12th January Auchencrag Merchant 3,916
13th January Toftwood Merchant 3,082
14th January Martin Merchant 1,904
15th January Port Nicholson Merchant 8,418
15th January Garfield Merchant 3,838
15th January Kinpurney Merchant (SV) 1,944
16th January Baron Sempill Merchant 1,607
18th January Manchester Inventor Merchant 4,247
19th January Nailsea Court Merchant 3,295
19th January Tremeadow Merchant 3,653
19th January Lilian H. Merchant (SV) 467
20th January Neuquen Merchant 3,583
20th January Bulgarian Merchant 2,515
20th January Planudes Merchant 542
21st January Gladys Fishing 275
21st January Star of the Sea Fishing 197
21st January Lucy Fishing 280
22nd January Trevean Merchant 3,081
22nd January Ethel Fishing (Smack) 23
23rd January George E. Benson Fishing 155
23rd January Clan Shaw Merchant 3,943
23rd January Jevington Merchant 2,747
26th January Tabasco Merchant 2,987
26th January Matheran Merchant 7,654
27th January Artist Merchant 3,570
27th January Ava Merchant 5,076
28th January Perce Merchant (SV) 364
28th January Alexandra Fishing 179
29th January Shamrock Fishing 173
29th January Thistle Fishing 167
30th January Wetherill Fishing (Smack) 46
30th January Merit Fishing (Smack) 39
30th January W. A. H. Fishing (Smack) 47
30th January Trevone Fishing (Smack) 46
30th January Helena and Samuel Fishing (Smack) 59
30th January Euonymous Fishing (Smack) 59
31st January Ravensbourne Merchant 1,226
31st January Dundee Merchant 2,278
31st January Ida Duncan Merchant (Tug) 139
Unknown Lux Merchant 2,621
Unknown Vera Fishing 150
Unknown Agnes Fishing 125
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