On this day (12th January) WW1 Shipwreckollections

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SS Brentwood (1904 – 1917)

SS Brentwood was built in 1904 by Austin S.P. & Son, Sunderland and owned by Cory Colliers Ltd.

SS Brentwood

On 12 January, whilst proceeding on course from London to North Shields, in ballast, Brentwood struck a mine laid by a German U-boat, under the command of Erwin Sebelin. Having detonated under the fore part of the vessel, she was sunk in four minutes, approximately three miles NE of Whitby. The identification of the wreck was aided by the recovery of Cory crockery and a bell inscribed ‘SS Brentwood 1904 London’.

Of a 16-strong crew, sadly two lost their lives.

Photo credit: wrecksite.eu

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