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Lady Swaythling Trophy 2007/08

To Captain Glenn Wostenholme of the Maersk Kendal. Shortly after midnight on 7th August 2007 the MV Pailin Maritime, a 30 year old, 3,000 ton vessel, fully laden with a cargo of logs and a crew of 24 en route from the Solomon Islands to Vietnam sent out a distress call. Her hull had cracked; […]

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Silver Medal 1885/86

Society Silver Medal awarded to Frederick Adams of the smack ‘Primrose’ for the rescue of crew of the Danish steamer Copenhagen on 6 December 1885. In the case of the smack Primrose, for saving, in the smack’s boat, on December 6, during a westerly gale, with heavy sea, near Horn Reef, in the North Sea, 14 […]

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SS Allie

On this day (5th January) WW1 Shipwreckollections

SS Allie (1899 – 1917) The merchant British steamer SS Allie was built in 1899 by Harkess W. & Sons Ltd., Middlesbrough.

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SS Wragby

On this day (4th January) WW1 Shipwreckollections

SS Wragby (1901 – 1917) SS Wragby was built in 1901 by Ropner & Son, Stockton and owned by Sir R. Ropner & Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool at the time of her loss.

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SS Carlyle

On this day (2nd January) WW1 Shipwreckollections

SS Carlyle (1901-1917) SS Carlyle was a British steamer weighting 466 tonnes. She was built by Selby Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Selby in 1901 and owned at the time of her loss by Straits Steamship Co. Ltd., Liverpool.

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RMS Ivernia

On this day (1st January) WW1 Shipwreckollections

RMS Ivernia (1900 – 1917) The merchant SS Ivernia was built in 1900 and commissioned as an auxiliary transport vessel. She was torpedoed and sunk 58 miles of Cape Matapan on 1 January 1917 when on her way to Alexandria.

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