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FULL CITATION – Lord Lewin Award 2021 – Claire McIntosh


Claire McIntosh

Caseworking – Eyemouth

Claire has worked for the Fishermen’s Mission as the Mission Area Officer for Eyemouth since 2016. Throughout this time she has worked extremely hard to establish herself as a key supporter of the local maritime community, notably generating a significant increase in the number of beneficiaries who now receive support.

Working in a part time role, she produces exceptional grant applications, using her significant experience of supporting people on low incomes to deliver detailed and informative reports. These not only provide a clear articulation of specific needs, but also the broader context of each case, thereby enabling the grants committee to make well considered and balanced decisions based on a clear understanding of the underlying situation. She has worked extremely hard over the course of the last year, noting Eyemouth fishermen have been hit particularly hard by the impact of COVID19. Completing 35 successful applications over this period, she has ensured delivery of much needed support to numerous individuals and families who found themselves in desperate situations.

Her dedication and compassion shine through in everything she does and as such she is fully deserving of an award in recognition of her outstanding work.

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