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FULL CITATION – Lord Lewin Award 2019 – Sylvia Van Beem


Sylvia Van Beem

A local Fishermen’s Mission superintendent has been recognised for her work and commitment to the Hull community







Sylvia Van Beem, who has been an Honorary Agent for the Society for the past four years, has been honoured with a Lord Lewin Award.

Sylvia spends her time supporting more than 200 regular beneficiaries in the area, developing a very strong relationship with fishermen and their families and has submitted hundreds of applications for support on behalf of both regular beneficiaries and those requiring one-off support.

Consistently showing immense dedication and compassion, her casework routinely provides a level of detail and insight which enable timely and well-considered support to be provided to those in need.

Chief Executive of the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society, Captain Justin Osmond RN, commented: “The awards provide us with a wonderful opportunity each year to not only praise individuals for their hard work, but also to express our tremendous appreciation of what they do. The Lord Lewin Award, named after former Admiral of the Fleet and President of our Society, in particular recognises those that have provided an outstanding service to the charity.

“Hull and the surrounding area is the Society’s busiest outstation and Sal serves as part of the small team committed to identifying and supporting those who require our help most.

“She has a great relationship with the local community and is extremely well thought of both inside and outside of the Society. As a result of her tireless work, she is most deserving of this special recognition.”

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