On this day (13th June) – WW2 Shipwreckollections

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MV Pelayo (1927-1942)

The MV Pelayo was built in 1927 by Harland & Wolff Ltd. and owned by MacAndrew Robert & Co.


MV Pelayo

The British cargo motor vessel which weighed 1,346 tonnes, was captained by Capt. R Hughes Williams.

On 10 June, the vessel was travelling from Gibraltar to Swansea carrying a cargo of 755 tonnes of government stores and scrap iron.

On 15 June 1942, the U-552, commanded by Erich Topp, fired a spread of two torpedoes at two overlapping freighters in convoy HG-84 about 400 miles west of Corunna, Spain. The Pelayo was sunk and more than 15 men were lost out of a crew of 36.

The Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society provided the survivors with £101/16s worth of financial support – the equivalent of £4,628 today.

Photo credit: www.wrecksite.eu

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