On This Day (20th May) – WW2 Shipwreckollections

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SS Javenese Prince (1926-1941)

At 21.24 hours on 20 May 1941 the Javanese Prince was hit in the engine room by one of three torpedoes from U-138 and sank slowly 155 miles northwest of the Butt of Lewis, Outer Hebrides.

SS Javenese Prince

Two crew members were lost. The master, 45 crew members, eight gunners and four passengers were picked up by HMS Faulknor, HMS Lincoln and HMS Assurance and landed at Gourock on 28th may.

There, the Shipwrecked Mariners’ Society provided 45 of them with £65/9/2s worth of financial support, equivalent to around £1,879.96 in today’s money.

Picture courtesy of uboat.net

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